Micro TN by @chrisella09

Sooo inlove with this micro TN made by @Chrisella09! ^_^

This micro TN is made with genuine leather. The light brown shade of the leather perfectly matches the dark brown stitches and the elastics.

It comes with this cute metal charm that has stars and dream design.

The size of this micro TN is 4.5" x 3.75" and can hold around 7-8 inserts.

A pocket is sewn on the left side (inside) of the TN cover. And on the right side are the TN inserts that I personally made.

For the inserts, I used IFEX dotted grid papers and covered them with Paper Designer cardstock.

Next to it is the Purse Insert made by @Chrisella09. Sorry, I wasn't able to take a photo but you can see full details of the purse in this video below.

Guess what!!! I have 2 more TNs coming from her!
Another micro TN in dark brown leather & a pocket size TN also in this color (light brown). Watch out for it!

That's all for now! Thank you! ^_^


  1. lucky you! is there any way we can purchase these TNs somewhere online from Chrisella? I would really like to keep one of these with me.

  2. : you can dm her on instagram @chrisella09. thank you! 😊💕