Washi Shopping @ KreatyKrafthing

There's a lot of online sellers that sells planners and planner decorating stuffs on Facebook and Instagram, it's really tempting! They're so cute and so cheap! How can I say no? Hahah! ^_^ And for my first online shopping it was all washi tapes, paper tapes & decorative tapes! 

From the top, is a slim torquoise blue paper tape, with a quote "Live well Laugh often Love much" and some hearts. Next to it are 3 stripes washi tapes in blue, pink and black color. Then a white washi tape with Eiffel Tower and other famous architectural prints in different colors. And on the bottom is a wide purple paper tape with "Happy Birthday" prints in small and large fonts.

Now these four above are decorative tapes or deco tape as they usually call it, it's glossy just like the usual scotch tape but with prints. Starting on top is a summer themed deco tape. There are cameras, ice cream, sun, flip flops, drinks, anchors, shells, planes and other summer related drawings. Next to it is another white deco tape with black prints of school supplies like pens, pencils, ruler, stapler and the likes. Third one is a simple yet elegant looking anchor deco tape, I love this one. And for the bottom one, it's also a deco tape with a cursive writing on it, I'm sorry but until now I still haven't figured out what's written. LoL! :)

Now these two, the slim yellow sticky note and the Hello Kitty pen are not part of my purchase, they are freebies from KreatyKrafthing! How awesome is that? Love it! ^_^

Here's the package or what they usually call the "Happy Mail", I'm not sure why it's packed with a different courier but it was sent via Xend, I'm sure because the waybill used is from Xend. 

Tapes @ Php 19.00 each x 10 pcs = Php 190.00
Shipping Fee via Xend for Manila = Php 60.00
TOTAL = P250.00

Sent them the payment through PALAWAN EXPRESS PERA PADALA.

If you wanna check KreatyKrafthing's online shope
just click this picture below.

That's all for now, thank you so much for reading! ^_^

Which is your favorite among the tapes that I bought?


  1. Online shops are really tempting! I live really close to Michael's craft store and a bookstore! Everyday, I had to fight the temptation of walking there and shop!

    1. : oh wow! that's awesome, but yes even more tempting! ^_^