Newbie Hauls For My New Hobby - Planner Decorating

Presenting my first few hauls for my new hobby planner decorating.
Top left is a brown checkered washi tape that I bought from Expressions Stationery shop. Bottom left are the lucky star paper strips and on the right is a set of heart stickers, bought them both from a school supplies stalls in the market. 

Above are lucky star paper strips that I bought from the nearby school supply store. 

Two packs of stams I bought from Expressions Stationery Shop and the four colored stamp pads from Daiso Japan.

Found these five sets of stamps from a school supply stalls again in the market, bought them for only Php 25.00 per set, a total of Php 125.00 for the 5 sets.

Two decorative tapes for around Php 25.00 each, one set of flourescent markers for Php 35.00 and a set of ice cream stickers for around Php 10.00.

Tape stickers above for Php 25.00 each. I so love the blue tapes. ^_^ 

Finally, a set of floral paper tape stickers on the left and a set of mini-sticky notes on the right, both i bought from UNO store in Robinsons.

Okay, that's all for now. These are my newbie hauls. Most of them are cheap, the most expensive here is the checkered brown washi tape that I bought from Expressions. Will show more of my hauls next time, including the online shopping that I made from some of our planner sisters.

Thank you so much for dropping by! ^_^

Which is your favorite among my hauls?

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