Pregnancy Vitamins

Hi mommies! Currently I'm on my 34th week, almost there!
Just wanna share with you the vitamins that I am taking,
recommended by my OB.

First is this Iberet - Folic 500
for the prevention and treatment of Iron and Folic Acid deficiency
and nutritional anaemia. Alternate to that is this Hemarate which works
just the same as Iberet-Folic 500, it's just different brand.

Since my hemoglobin is low in my last blood test, my OB's recommendation is to
take one Iberet-Folic in the morning and one Hemarate before bed time daily.

Next is the AminoVita softgel capsule,
this is a potent combination of the most important vitamins
and essential amino acids. Alternate to that is this Obimin Plus Softgel Capsule.
Also taking this once in the morning and one before bed time daily.

Calvit Gold
for the prevention of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and osteomalacia.
Alternate to that is this Calciumade.
Taking this once every other day.

Squalene Softgel capsule
Taking this once every other day.
My OB's recommendation is to drink Calvit/Calciumade and Squalene
alternately once everyday.

Duvadilan tablet or Isoxilan tablet
for uterine relaxant.
Can be taken 1 tablet 3x a day as needed.
Since I'm just a stay at home mom, I only take this when going out.
I just do bed rest at home to avoid/relieve the "hilab".

Polynerv Forte
Can be taken 1 tablet 3x a day as needed for pain or fever.

Another medicine that I took when I got a tootache during
my first trimester was the Zegen 250 mg.
It really did help a lot.

Well, that's it for now! Thank you so much for reading! ^_^

please ask your OB before taking any medicine/supplements.

Leave a comment so I can visit you too! ^_^


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