Valentines Day with my Family! ^_^

Hi everyone! How's your Valentine's Day?
Wanna share with you mine.

First, my husband & I went to the mall near our house
to buy some stuffs and we're surprised that a lot of people are inside the mall,
all of the fast foods are full and still has a long waiting line outside.

Bought my son's favorite french fries,
the Sour Cream & Onion from Potato Corner
and the sales lady gave me this cute
white heart shaped chocolate with a
"Happy Valentine's Day greetings.

Beside the Potato Corner's kiosk is the Dunkin' Donut.
While waiting for my Potato Corner fries,
I checked what's their Valentine's Day promo,
and here's what I found!


It's a pack of 3 triangle boxes,
Each pack cost Php 135.00

The pack comes with a small greeting card where you can write
your name and the name of the person you wanna give this
special Valentine's Day pack of donuts.

Each box contains 3 pieces assorted heart shaped donuts.

Since there are 3 boxes with the same contents,
I just placed all of the donuts with the same design
in one box and there you go. ^_^

Back at home, we bought grilled chicken from Baliwag.

Then my cousin and her mom prepared a Tuna spaghetti.

Then we bought this Ham and Cheese pizza

and this Hawaiian pizza from a small pizza store near our house.

We ate them all together with the whole family, relatives,
and close friends.

That's it! Simple, yet we are all full and happy! ^_^

How about you, how did you spent your Valentine's Day?


  1. Celebrating anything doesn't have to fancy all the time. What's important is celebrating something with the people we love. :)

  2. Kahit simpleng celebration lang ok na ok din basta punong puno ng pagmamahal kasama ang pamilya. Belated happy valentine's day Thinz! =)

    1. : korek ka dyan sis! ^_^ thank you mary joy! ^_^

  3. I experimented a strawberry cheesecake for Valentines and spent with the kids because hubby was on duty. :-) I just love that donuts. :-)

  4. nice celebration since you have celebrated valentine's day with your loved ones!

  5. Love those Heart donuts! look so lovely and delicious. Being with your loveone is always great time to celebrate. Love all your foodie photo.. I'm drooling

  6. Momi Thinz!!! Ginutom tuloy ako dahil sa pizza at lechin manok. Kainis naman. Hehehe. Good that you're happy last Valentines Momi Thinz! :)

  7. All the best !
    Kisses from İstanbul:)))))))))))
    ı hope you visit my blog ....